The Evolution of Man


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  2. Negative: 1 out of 8
  1. Dec 3, 2012
    Still, as the Kasabian-sized choruses stick in the head like the most delicious, stately fluff, The Evolution of Man winds up the dancefloor confessional done right, fist pumping and throwing fits as if it had karma to burn.
  2. Nov 19, 2012
    Such dark lyrical tropes have served him well in the past, and even the blokey-but-sensitive shtick of his lovably clunky, WTF rhymes are part of a well-honed musical formula. But credit where it's due--he provides something for everyone.
  3. 60
    This is a rock album for those whose idea of rock heroism is Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, or maybe Muse if they're feeling a bit crazy. If that's you, you'll bloody love it. Everyone else will have to hope Example's evolution is just the beginning.
  4. Q Magazine
    Dec 11, 2012
    Good pop needs light and shade to grow up, it seems, and so does Example. [Jan 2013, p100]
  5. Jan 15, 2013
    The fact that he duplicates his melodic inflections from previous albums in detail shows just how formulaic his music has become.
  6. Nov 19, 2012
    All in all, it's not much fun, but to depart so dramatically from his previous sound is a brave move.
  7. 80
    Example's obvious delight in sensory experience shines through in his intricate play of syllables and the warmth of his singing voice. His best yet.
  8. Nov 19, 2012
    Rueful but bouncy, The Evolution of Man is a mea culpa that finds itself on trend.
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  1. Jul 26, 2013
    Example's 4th album might just be his best yet. After his previous album, "Playing In The Shadows" stormed to number one this one couldn'tExample's 4th album might just be his best yet. After his previous album, "Playing In The Shadows" stormed to number one this one couldn't quite achieve the same succes, charting at number 13 instead.

    A slight change In sound is a bold move that Example took with this album but expect the star studded production line-up to remain with DJ's such as Calvin Harris, Laidback Luke and Tommy Trash all pulling the strings to the sound.

    Come Taste The Rainbow (Prod. Benga) 7/10
    A dark start to Example's 4th album, a big twist for this intro track in comparison to his last two, which seemed like two songs fitted into one track. This one meanwhile is pretty much the same beat throughout and also show the change between Example's last few albums and this one and it's much darker theme is introduced.

    Close Enemies (Prod. Alex Smith) 8/10
    The second single from the album charted at #37 In the charts. It's catchy chorus and closing rap make the song a good listen, watch out for the different versions from the album and radio.

    Perfect Replacement (Prod. Feed Me) 10/10
    The third and final single from the album charted at #46. From the great production from Feed Me to the infectious lyrics from Example, this one passes the rave test with flying colours. A real gem and highlight from the album, this one whether you like Example or not is worth a download.

    Crying Out For Help (Prod. Tommy Trash) 9/10
    Catchy and makes you want to get up and rave, another strong chorus and more great production makes this song a treat for any Example fan, sadly It was never part of his live setlist when I would have thought It would have been a crowd favourite.

    Queen of Your Dreams (Prod. Alesso) 10/10
    There is a reason Alesso is one of my favourite upcoming DJ's, this track proves why, top notch production, strong vocals from Example (So strong he can't perform It live) this track is strong In all areas, one that really Is one your'll want to listen to over and over again.

    Say Nothing (Prod. Dirty South) 10/10
    The first single charted at #2 In the UK. Amazingly catchy, brilliantly produced, well written, this track seems to have It all, somehow missing out on #1 It proved the most successful single from the album and rightfully so.

    All My Lows (Prod. Dirty South) 7/10
    A much more laid back track It's certainly a much chilled twist compared to the rest of the tracks, coming out at Just under six minutes It's one of Example's longest songs, while It's catchy It feels a little like filler, perhaps at a shortened time, this track would shine more.

    The Evolution of Man (Prod. Alex Smith) 9/10
    Again a more laid back track but this time done better. The whole track feels like time was spent perfecting it, the title track, while not quite in the same category as "Perfect Replacement" and "Say Nothing" this one still feels like something special and deserves being the title track.

    One Way Mirror (Prod. Dirty South) 9/10
    Another strong track, at first It was my favourite track on the album but then fell behind a few other tracks, that doesn't mean It's a poor track, Just one that may loose it's touch a little after a few plays.

    Snakeskin (Prod. Friction And Sheldrake) 8/10
    Just a quick trivia fact, Sheldrake Is part of Example's live band. This track falls behind the last few quality tracks, while production and vocals are good, It's the rap that really makes this song, while short it just fits the flow of the track perfectly.

    Blood From A Stone (Prod. Zane Lowe) 8/10
    While some of the tracks sounded different from Example's previous works, this one certainly fits a new leaf, from the guitar riff to the dark attitude, this track certainly highlights Example's "Evolution" but not for the worst but a change, a good one.

    Are You Sitting Comfortably? (Prod. Skream) 6/10
    And at last we find ourselves at the albums weak spot, everyone has one. Whenever I hear this track I can't help but think "Let's Be F****** Stupid", the bonus track, should be In it's place. Don't get me wrong, this track Isn't bad just not in touch with the rest of the album.

    We'll Be Coming Back (Prod. Calvin Harris) 10/10
    While officially Calvin Harris's song It charted at #2 in the UK chart but still found it's way onto Example's album. If you've ever seen or heard this song live, your'll understand how good It is, no matter who you are, your'll want to be jumping up and down with everyone else, this one's got to be a club favourite.

    -Bonus Tracks-
    Let's Be F****** Stupid (Prod. Dada Life) 9/10
    Someone To Die For (Prod. Dillion Francis) 7/10
    (You Don't Have To) Whisper (Prod. AN21 And Max Vangeli) 9/10
    Eutopia (Fade Away) (Prod. Laidback Luke) 9/10
    Daydreamer (Prod. Flux Pavilion) 7/10

    Anyone looking for an album to rave to should give this album a go but be sure to download "Perfect Replacement" and "Say Nothing". Any Example fan should download ASAP, while debatable if it's better then his last #1 album "Playing In The Shadows" this is another strong album from Example and I would highly recommend getting the deluxe edition. Roll on the next.
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  2. Dec 2, 2012
    Brilliant. If you were a fan of his last two albums, you may be disappointed by the sudden jump and change of tone but the contrast ofBrilliant. If you were a fan of his last two albums, you may be disappointed by the sudden jump and change of tone but the contrast of Metal-ish guitar and techno is amazing to listen to, check it out in all it's catchy glory! Full Review »
  3. Nov 21, 2012
    An album which is much different from his previous album but still example manages to pull it off and makes his songs catchy and stillAn album which is much different from his previous album but still example manages to pull it off and makes his songs catchy and still extremely enjoyable to listen to. Full Review »