The Exchange Session Vol. 1 - Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid
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  • Summary: This is the first of two releases from an improvised collaboration between pop and jazz drummer Reid and folktronica artist Hebden (Four Tet, Fridge).
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  1. This CD is in itself a bold challenge to producers everywhere to step out from behind the laptop and explore the creative, spontaneous elements of live interaction.
  2. In just under 40 minutes, Hebden and Reid offer one of the most thrilling documents of real-time improvisation you’re likely to hear this year.
  3. This volume is a success and points the way toward new and compelling -- if still amorphous -- territory between rhythmic and electronic improvisation.
  4. The album achieves a great deal of its success from the relaxed collaboration, but it does suffer from it, as well. Reid and Hebden interact so casually that they don't find the friction to really propel great improvisational music.
  5. 60
    Occasionally self-indulgence threatens, but no matter; there is an undeniable musical hunger and pioneering spirit at work here. [Apr 2006, p.101]
  6. Together, Reid and Hebden weave engaging tales without ever managing the transcendent spontaneity these kinds of collaborations sell themselves on.
  7. If you're really into jazz (and I mean really) or are a Four Tet completist, this is for you; if not, I'd stay away. [#13, p.92]

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