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  • Summary: The second album from the band founded by Stuart David of Belle and Sebastian.
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  1. 80
    A science fiction romance dedicated to the triumphs and disappointments of the modern world, the Geometrid has all the D.I.Y beats and endearing loops of Looper's first record, Up A Tree. This time around, though, Looper take the grade-school storytelling groove of that record and retool it space-age stylee.
  2. In inventing an overarching statement about modern technology, Looper has created a work that is surprisingly old-fashioned and quaint.... Though filled with pops and hisses and high-pitched squeals culled from an increasingly gadgetized world, the record remains enchantingly melodic and tuneful.
  3. There's little profundity here, but "The Geometrid" is undeniably a satisfying treat of bubbly, back-to-the-future escapism.
  4. Although it's unlikely that Stuart David will ever become as gifted a songwriter as Stuart Murdoch, he's crafted a distinctive sound with this band. The Geometrid serves as a charming, if slight, pleasure, but with more time to devote to the project, Looper may yet create a more substantial sound.
  5. When they're fragile, Looper are precious, when they're whimsical they're plain weedy.
  6. He wastes half of the ideas for lack of a good singer, and can't resist some counterproductive musical doodling in the arrangements.
  7. When The Geometrid is good, it's extremely good... Too much of the album's remainder, however, is forgettable and lukewarm, the work of a band that's still trying to define itself.

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