The Geometrid

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  • Summary: The second album from the band founded by Stuart David of Belle and Sebastian.
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  1. There's little profundity here, but "The Geometrid" is undeniably a satisfying treat of bubbly, back-to-the-future escapism.
  2. In inventing an overarching statement about modern technology, Looper has created a work that is surprisingly old-fashioned and quaint.... Though filled with pops and hisses and high-pitched squeals culled from an increasingly gadgetized world, the record remains enchantingly melodic and tuneful.
  3. 80
    A science fiction romance dedicated to the triumphs and disappointments of the modern world, the Geometrid has all the D.I.Y beats and endearing loops of Looper's first record, Up A Tree. This time around, though, Looper take the grade-school storytelling groove of that record and retool it space-age stylee.
  4. Although it's unlikely that Stuart David will ever become as gifted a songwriter as Stuart Murdoch, he's crafted a distinctive sound with this band. The Geometrid serves as a charming, if slight, pleasure, but with more time to devote to the project, Looper may yet create a more substantial sound.
  5. Mojo
    A souffle-light concoction of tape loops, odd samples, and fey vocals. [July 2000, p.118]
  6. The album has a more polished feel than its predecessor Up a Tree, as well as more of an electronica vibe...
  7. When The Geometrid is good, it's extremely good... Too much of the album's remainder, however, is forgettable and lukewarm, the work of a band that's still trying to define itself.

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