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  • Summary: The fourth album for the British singer was produced by Liam Watson.
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  1. On one of this year's smoothest and best discs, Hunter makes The Hard Way go down so easy.
  2. With analog recording, Hunter’s buttery voice and primitive Les Paul playing and a muscular double-sax section, this follow-up to "People Gonna Talk" re-renders the art of musical seduction even more convincingly than Hunter’s mentor Van Morrison.
  3. Q Magazine
    Another almost note-perfect recreation of the same pre-Beatles R&B world, this follow-up smoothly mainstains the good work with songs that recall the likes of The Drifters and even early James brown. [July 2008, p.102]
  4. If you thought no one made albums like this any more, they don’t so enjoy The Hard Way.
  5. The album's highlight is the jazzy horn rave-up "Don't Do Me No Favours," where Hunter cackles, yelps, shouts and bellows about refusing to take handouts from a rich man. On cuts like these, Hunter proves he's more than just a retro-soul act--the guy's got fire in his gut.
  6. The Hard Way, his debut for Hear Music, is a tad tougher--the horns are more prominent and sharper, Hunter's guitar has more bite to it, and the rhythms cut deeper--and quicker; at times Hunter veers closer to soul-rock than he has in the past, but he's still working well within his favorite genre.
  7. As on past releases, he mostly celebrates the snap and polish of the sharkskin '60s. His songs crib so blatantly from that era that citing his influences--Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Van Morrison--is almost redundant.

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