The Invisible Deck - The Rogers Sisters
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  • Summary: Compared to a no-wave B-52's, the garage-rock trio Rogers Sisters return with a second LP, produced by Tim Barnes.
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  1. 80
    Shows just how focused their rock'n'roll attack has become. [May 2006, p.105]
  2. The Invisible Deck is often dark and scattered, and doesn't provide the rush of instant gratification that Three Fingers and Purely Evil do, but its growth and promise are more exciting in their own right.
  3. 80
    An album full of budding promises. [May 2006, p.95]
  4. Invisible Deck is what you like to see from a still-developing band--a work that extends the band’s range without sacrificing what made it good in the first place.
  5. The Sisters always kick ass live, but The Invisible Deck is the first time they've managed to do justice to their tough, slippery, muscular sound in the studio.
  6. Recalling X's boisterous male/female mantras and careering boogie by way of Sonic Youth's frosty downtown cool, The Invisible Deck is a confident and polished record built of cavernous drums, simply slithering riffs, filthy bass grooves, and high-energy dynamics.
  7. So much here rests on formulaic indie tropes.

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