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  • Summary: Since leaving the Bad Seeds (Nick Cave's backing band) in the late 1980s, Barry Adamson has embarked on a prolific career providing soundtrack music to films both real ('Gas Food Lodging,' 'The Beach') and imagined (numerous cinematic-sounding solo albums, including 'Moss Side Story'). This latest release falls into the latter category, and incorporates pop, rock, jazz, funk, and countless other styles in its ten tracks. Expand
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  1. For sixty-two glorious minutes, Barry Adamson can add a little danger, a little glamor and a little seamy excess to your humdrum existence.
  2. 80
    You have wit, wisdom, and yet another Adamson sonic script you wish someone would film. [Oct 2002, p.100]
  3. Adamson isn't above mixing wacca-chika guitars with soaring strings and following it up with haunting instrumentals, and unlike some odd hybrids on former releases, this disc pulls most of it off quite well.
  4. Ten tracks that play out like a joint venture between Shaft and David Bowie's Thin White Duke.
  5. Fans of the Mancunian mood sculptor will see this lavishly packaged collection as the latest step in securing Bazza's reputation as the North West's sardonic answer to Barry White.
  6. 60
    This kind of hackneyed loungecore grammar sometimes sounds timeless and inspired, of course, but Adamson has a tendency to crowd routine melodies with superfluous guitars and clumsy beats. [Oct 2002, p.102]
  7. Some awful lyrical lapses scupper otherwise promising pieces. [#223, p.51]

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