The Meat Of Life

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  • Summary: Encouraged by the reception the band received from touring the much delayed "Hungry Bird," the alt-country trio returns with its latest release, which features Tony Crow, Roy Agee, and Carole Rabinowitz as guest musicians.
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    As ambitious as ever, The Meat Of Life finds Clem Snide moving closer to living up to its potential. [Winter 2010, p.100]
  2. Barzelay can be counted on to deliver clever turns of phrase and subtly engrossing moments, but The Meat Of Life just doesn’t have enough of them.
  3. The Meat of Life might sound like "another Clem Snide album," but considering that it wasn't so long ago that it looked like this band was over and done, getting another serving of what these musicians do so well is more than welcome even if it doesn't break much new ground.
  4. It may not quite match up to their best work—which is, for my money, The Ghost of Fashion—but it’s a sure sign that they’re on their way back to that high-watermark.
  5. It's disappointing that Clem Snide seem to have nestled into a very comfortable, moth-eaten place, and it's sadder still when you can hear Barzelay's sense of humor worming it's way in.
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