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  1. 90
    The Night could very well be Morphine's best work to date. Sandman and company finish the thoughts of 1997's Like Swimming by adding rich, subtle layers to their trio's thick sonic weave without diluting the band's strengths.
  2. 80
    Sandman spent two years in his home studio experimenting with the band's dark, often minimalist sound and the result is this lusher, more fully realised album, whose brooding, narcotic Len-Cohen-goes-jazz title track is followed by songs that are variously cool, unsettling, sensual, personal and party-time funky.
  3. The Night finds the trio expanding its sound beyond its periodic tendency to fall back on noirish shtick... a marvelous high note.
  4. Morphine's sonic scope remains typically sparse...
  5. A sad and beautiful farewell from one of the most innovative artists of the past decade.
  6. Whereas many of the songs on their previous album sounded unfinished and rushed, The Night sounds like a fully realized work.
  7. The album updates the trio's sound without the forced experimental quality of some of the weaker material on Yes or the unsuccessful lounge-pop sleeper, Like Swimming.

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