The Night - Morphine
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  1. 90
    The Night could very well be Morphine's best work to date. Sandman and company finish the thoughts of 1997's Like Swimming by adding rich, subtle layers to their trio's thick sonic weave without diluting the band's strengths.
  2. A haunting, majestic album, almost as good as the band's greatest record, "Cure for Pain".... as spacious and roomy as Morphine have always been, with added texture and layers.
  3. Although it is a more orchestrated affair than the stripped down sound this band is known for, The Night is as impressive as any of their previous efforts.
  4. Morphine's sonic scope remains typically sparse...
  5. The Night is the Boston band's most painstakingly layered and ambitious album, with cello, organ and oud expanding on the trio's original sax-y swagger.
  6. The album updates the trio's sound without the forced experimental quality of some of the weaker material on Yes or the unsuccessful lounge-pop sleeper, Like Swimming.

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