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  1. An added bonus for Orton loyalists.
  2. Sure, it has a slightly confusing air to it, but with lost gems like "Ali's Waltz" and "Beautiful World" popping up along the way, that's part of the fun.
  3. While the electronic cuts drone, Orton's emotive strumming in "Ali's Waltz" will break your heart. [5 Sep 2003, p.76]
  4. On this disc, which bustles with other artists' flashes and flourishes, the different personalities sometimes vie for attention.
  5. There are some real gems hidden in here, though the jumbling of genres and quality makes for an album that sounds altogether ill at ease.
  6. You can mess with Orton's music however you want -- add layers of electronica or strip them away to reveal the folkie within - and the songs will still work, because her melodies are that strong and her voice that compelling.
  7. It's certainly a lot more wide-ranging and engaging than its predecessor.
  8. Hits a nice stride between toe tapping and stargazing but doesn't rock the boat too far in either direction. [#5, p.114]
  9. 40
    If you bought Daybreaker, stop! You're done. [Dec 2003, p.89]
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  1. BrandoB
    Sep 9, 2003
    I wanted to like this more... being a big Beth Orton fan but honestly, these songs were cut for a reason. not one track on here is as good as the worst tracks on daybreaker which is uniformly excellent. Full Review »