The Recession - Young Jeezy
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Universal acclaim- based on 26 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 26
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 26
  3. Negative: 2 out of 26

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  1. Aug 1, 2014
    buss yee, yoo ieh duh Prime Minister.

    An' ahi a!m reViewing duh stanturd vershun... The Recession (nine9) D1ss b33t go5 har' 114 !eh aye intrnh 2 wa! faV aLbum cuh ub dnh political wessag5 ufi11ya2oetyd w!ss ieh. Welcum B(l)ack (9nine.25) WA!NE CHMC DY5 A8T 81HYT3 CHURR! D1S J0YN' RY' HU8118 MAY F0 CRACKIN' UH CRACKA W00
    FA14K DEY B(L9nine)ACKA! BLAH7! Bye Da Way (nine9) D!s j0!n' ry3 hu7R go55 mEE s2oeqp!u' wyss wa! dr1uk nd Tee'ahh. Ahhhhhhh... #IcedTea Cray'zEE #ItsThaWorld (9nine) (G)A CH3C DY5 HU7R! 19H1U 0UH2o 2 MA1 N!G71 B.O DUH KING MAINE! TEE'AH! YoO DUH KANG BU55 R1LLY Y0O UH DUK3 1EN DUH GR114' SCH3MA F1NG5! #Jeezy #ThePrimeMinister Smut Dey Wunt (nine9.25) DE3Z CR1CK1 R0UN' DUH 1LL3 AMLWA9nineS TALK0UN (AN' TYPIN FO' 5HAT MATTA), BU55 AHI DO0 D0O AWL DUH DOOWYN N!7GA... Amaizeun (9nine.25) Mhnt dEEz libd1 u!7GA5 wuh bl0mun wnh dat c0mex sh!t bric. Wa! pEE pEE kleen dough. Awn erythang. #MedicalRecords #PeerPressure Hust1az Amb!t!on (nine9.5) Ahi ayn't gaht nuttin tew sai bous dis. Akshuns speek louduh den turds. YEE WHITEY STIC AHI KNIF IEN YUH NEC CUH AHI MYI! GUTTA GUTTA! #Kamikaze Who Dat (9nine) Wa!ne d!s j0in' 7yte chn77 h1ht bnh2o uaht a5 h1ht az hnsLnhs 1w ma!n3. N YEE DEM M1XTAT3Z IEN DUH SKR33T5! AHI BURN AML K1N1 STUT F0E NEMUN WHU K14EED 9EH. An' 4ats duh tr212h...#gutta #BK Don't Yoo Kno (nine9) D!s track c0o', buht nu2o2in st1n' onht tem mEE dough. REEle55 Ch0clat' Cracka !eu duh Vdub. BLAHP! Circulate (8.5) D!s tr1ck ghood. Ah! donu pa9 n0e r3nt d0ugh. Fut dEEz c7ackas wh0 fauk dey kEEpin' iet r33l. Dey ju55 snck!n' duh ba14ks grEEn cracka 1ack pEE pEE. Dey doun 0wn nu2o2!n.. Turd Play (9nine) D!s t71ck go55a ghood pos!t!b v!be. Dat hook go55a gre1t me55ug3. AN Y55 YOO CRACKA5 IEH BAT3 CUH DAT R1NES MIT GRA8E! BLAHP! #FrostedFlakes #FrostyDuhSnowmaine Vacation (8.5) Di5 1oint c0o', ah! jn55 donu ly11e a1chy ah2o aml ma9ne. Ah! l2yke dnh PEE'anuh d0ugh. An' I do0 d0o knEE' aye Va CA. Cuh dis c0hl goss mEE sl!161iu' an' tri161!41'. Everythang (nine9) Maine p!ss 1o!nt hu7r g055 dnh h1t1z tr!pp114' weu ah! meu ah! te11'um dey a25n't sEEnu mee, puht 4at amn e7ythau7. FREE BOOSIE! Takin' It Thurr (9nine) Ah9 1ub d!ss t7ac cnh !e5 gah2o ghoob elewnut5 np AR an' BEE. AN' YEE OH SIS AHI MI3LL TAYK3 IET DURR! #JKbutseriously? Don't Doo It (nine9) p!ss 1o!nt goss aye r!lly dEEP mEEsage p00 mEE an' ies whi ahi rilL7y lub Jeezy azza artn5t au' azza MUDDA PHUGG1N HoOH SPOKESPERSUN! Put On (9nine.25) MAINE AHI KNO DAT N!GGA KDUH UH L!DDA CRAY BU55 YAL7 NE3' POO LI55UN 2 WUH HEE PREE POO DUH SKREE', even though he do wear a mask at his conce7ts. #BodyDoubles #Yeezus Get Allot (nine.9) YEE MAI N!GGA YUN', DEEZ CRACKAS IEH SAIUN AHI FELL OUF, BUSS DEY WUH NEVA OUN AN' AHI KNO' DAT SQURR WHYTE RYTE AZ FUT BUSS POO QUOTE TIP... What don't come out in the wash, come out in the rinse. #PVSPEE #Skitzo My President Is Black (9nine.nine99ninenine9) OBAMA TURD FERM!!! #ObamaComma16 Also, here are some very great tracks that Jeezy has laid down in the booth over the years my homies. #FWhitey AN' P!SS SHE'UT FREE CRACKA! #DatPiff Tha Streets Iz Watchin Trap or Die Can't Ban the Snowman I Am the Street Dream! The Prime Minister Trappin' Ain't Dead Trap or Die Part 2: By Any Means Necessary 1,000 Grams The Last Laugh The Real Is Back The Real Is Back 2 #ItsThaWorld Boss Yo Life Up Gang #ItsThaWorld2 #Mixtapes #BlackWhiteDevil Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 20 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 20
  2. Negative: 1 out of 20
  1. Even if it falls a distant third out of the first three, the scattershot Recession is still a welcome and even risky step forward, one carried by its highlights and the newfound awareness that the cocaine grind isn't everything.
  2. Young Jeezy balances commercial/ pop aspirations with core hip-hop sounds on The Recession, getting a lift from DJ Toomp, Drumma Boy, Midnight Black and longtime collaborator Shawty Redd on this sonically enjoyable follow-up to 2006's "The Inspiration."
  3. Jeezy has assembled a politically tinged disc that will sound spectacular blasting out of dashboard speakers for the rest of the year...assuming anyone can still afford to drive a car by then.