The Sellout - Macy Gray
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  • Summary: After a three-year hiatus, Macy Gray delivers soulful vocals, storytelling lyrics, and sparkling melodies on her latest album.
  • Record Label: Concord
  • Genre(s): R&B, Pop/Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Neo-Soul, Adult Contemporary R&B
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Score distribution:
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  1. Much has been made--often unfairly--of Gray's awkwardness and lack of convention. But after several stabs at clumsy conformity, it finally feels like it's something she's embracing, and that's massively evident here.
  2. On The Sellout, her first album in three years, the production sands off the edges that have been key to Gray's appeal.
  3. Macy effortlessly combines the classic pop of Chic and Bill Withers with the sort of flamboyant, contemporary chart-frippery Mika probably thinks he's up to.
  4. While there is plenty of soul in the sound, there is a lack of body in both delivery and melody.
  5. The results of that effort are apparent, and they're not good. Gray wields one of the most naturally talented voices in R&B, but from the evidence here, she's not a songwriter.
  6. Her scratchy charm gets her through some of the stompers, like "Kissed It" and "Still Hurts," and her old humor surfaces now and then. But the desperation rings all too true in "Help Me."
  7. "Being herself" has resulted in her blandest record yet: it drifts from nondescript disco-pop and cloying R&B to woefully ersatz glam stomp. [July 2010, p. 132]

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