The Soul Sessions - Joss Stone
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  • Summary: A 16-year-old white British girl singing covers of American soul classics? Odd as it may sound, that is the recipe for a hit, as evidenced by this debut album for Dover, England teenager Joss Stone, who tackles works by everyone from Aretha Franklin to, well, the White Stripes.
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  1. Thing is, Joss Stone does have an extraordinary voice, and the only misguided ploy on The Soul Sessions is a Roots-produced slo-mo cover of a White Stripes tune.
  2. Stone navigates her way with confidence and prowess, passion and experimentation.
  3. It's a record that benefits from the homogenous, warm feeling such an intimate set-up can make for, the tracks setting up Stone's remarkable voice rather than intentionally distracting from the singer's limitations.
  4. The dichotomy of power and sultriness is the [final] track's greatest asset. It's that same duality that should provide Joss Stone with a career that knows no limits.
  5. Stone shines on this impressive covers set.
  6. Her singing is rich, mature and agile but not showy, at least until the final number.
  7. Norah Jones is herself, give her that. I hate to think what this phenom will have to go through to get that far.

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