The Spine - They Might Be Giants
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  • Summary: Now together over 20 years as a band, the duo of Johns (Linnel and Flansburgh) return with their 10th studio album (their first for adults in three years), reuniting with producer Pat Dillett (who worked on the pair's 1990 album 'Flood').
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  1. 82
    Each song on The Spine is characteristically intelligent, observant, and poppy as all hell. [#11, p.94]
  2. It goes a long way in showing how the band continues to be relevant, even vital, in a scene that chews up and spits out bands with ferocious speed.
  3. The Johns (Linnell and Flansburgh) are firing on all cylinders here, wrapping their suitably obscure and sometimes ethereal humor in the most capable songwriting of their careers.
  4. They might not be as manic and frantic... But The Spine rocks without any loss of wit or melody.
  5. Even if The Spine is decidedly uneven, it still has enough good songs to please diehard fans and keep them around for the next album.
  6. Alas, for all its genuine charm and the way the two Johns genre-hop without leaving footprints, The Spine lacks the spark of true greatness. [Aug 2004, p.119]
  7. Every now and again they hit on a promising musical idea, then ruin it.

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