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  • Summary: 'Sun' is the first release in six years for the post-rock outfit whose members include Kieran Hebden (Four Tet) and Adem Ilhan.
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  1. The album also crammed full of innovative bleeps and squeaks - if you're familiar with Four Tet you'll know the sort of thing--which add more of a unique selling point which in the end isn't all that necessary, because this is a somewhat dazzling album from some great talents, and it has an abundance of riches.
  2. Overall, The Sun feels like three men taking things at their own leisurely pace but without wasting a second.
  3. 80
    You can occasionally hear [Adem's and Hebden's] trademark sounds punctuate these proggy, Tortoise-like instrumentals. [Jul 2007, p.102]
  4. Most of the album is still enjoyable, however, and certainly provides some new ideas for instrumental rock music.
  5. Though The Sun has plenty of accomplished performances by a capable and experienced band, it’s not very exciting stuff.
  6. While the band has certainly grown musically, it also seems less patient and focused; much of the record feels like a hastily recorded jam session with a few superfluous electro-bobbles floating above the fray.
  7. When the band operates under more traditional songwriting styles they can be quite catchy, but the more wandering, abstract moments can sometimes wander a little too far into non-structured noise.

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