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  1. Every song sounds like background music in an art-house film. [Apr 2006, p.207]
  2. Unfortunately, tracks like "The Pacemaker" amount to a lot of electronic pitter-patter and not a whole lot of substance, revealing a collection of songs that's less ambitious and tightly woven than 2004's exquisite On Your Side.
  3. For all of its accessibility and open-ended melodicism, however, The Tourniquet offers few moments of sustainable substance.
  4. Unexceptional and devoid of charm, The Tourniquet is, on the whole, disposable.
  5. Like much of X&Y, Magnet is exceptionally unobtrusive, music to ignore.
  6. The Tourniquet is the sound of a songwriter systematically polishing the edges off of everything that made his music so appealing in the first place. [#13, p.97]
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  1. KevinA
    Mar 31, 2006
    I admit I like the more electronic On Your Side. But I still feel the cold Nordic air with this one..