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  1. To call Macy Gray's new album, The Trouble With Being Myself, delightful is to minimize its sensual intelligence and considerable emotional depth.
  2. Now, done with that id shit, she finds her voice by pleading with her man to stay or come back as the case may be.
  3. Her third album reins it all in to a more palatable place with traditional R&B production and a healthy dose of funkiness.
  4. 83
    As a current-events commentator, Gray's got better beats than The New York Times and funnier lyrics than Fox News.
  5. 80
    The music makes her giddiness contagious. [#16, p.114]
  6. At once more of the same and something more, a set of polished, enchantingly newish approaches to her favorite themes, from bad choices (hers and his) and rueful memories to exhilarating anticipations and beguiling fantasies.
  7. Macy's decision to team with [producer Dallas] Austin this time around gives her anarchic brilliance just the right creative counterbalance.
  8. Gray's idiosyncrasies are sometimes buried beneath the syrupy strings (which may have been the intent), robbing the album of unpredictable highs as well as lows.
  9. 70
    The best of The Trouble With Being Myself finds Gray grinning. [Jun 2003, p.98]
  10. As ever, when the beats go uptempo, things go awry... but there's life in the giant-haired lady yet. [Jun 2003, p.98]
  11. Part biography, part self-analysis, part feminine primal scream, Myself is a tour through familiar Gray territory, spiked with humor and her take-no-bullshit attitude.
  12. The Trouble With Being Myself is solidly produced, if too safely MOR to stand beside Gray's debut, and it doesn't exhibit anything close to The Id's sense of risk.
  13. Unfortunately, none of it's even remotely memorable.
  14. 60
    Sunny funk pours from most tracks, veiling the odd lyric about single moms, and the slowies are lit by noble torches. [Jun 2003, p.104]
  15. Blessed with a voice that immediately announces itself, Gray still hasn't found a musical personality to complement it.
  16. In fleeting moments, Gray's remarkable charisma dominates The Trouble With Being Myself, but the missing ingredient is too often a simple lack of hooks.
  17. 50
    While less preposterous than her second album, The Id, this is still a frustrating piece of work. [June 2003, p.154]
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  1. ArtemH
    Aug 7, 2003
    Yuh, I must admit - Macy rulezzzz!! (como siempre). I liked the whole album, except 2 or 3 tracks. That they are not bad - just they're not for me. The best song - She ain't right for you, great ballad with raspy Macy's voyce Full Review »