The Volunteers - Onelinedrawing
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  • Summary: Onelinedrawing is the alter ego for Sacramento, Calif.-based singer/guitarist Jonah Matranga, formerly of the emo band Far.
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  1. One of the most expansive "punk" records in recent memory: hushed vocals, toy pianos, and weird drum-machine beats, alongside soaring (and often howling) rock. [Listen 2 This supplement, Mar 2004, p.12]
  2. It’s one of those growers. The lyrics are clever. The running-order is immaculately conceived - it's practically a concept album.
  3. Onelinedrawing, in general, may be a bit too saccharine for some listeners, and it lacks the classic power pop levity of a Brendan Benson or Weakerthans, but The Volunteers is a wildly inventive record that can stand tall beside earnest peers like Saves the Day's In Reverie.
  4. Even while it's unfortunately anticlimatic, The Volunteers is a fine record, and a welcome addition to the modern singer/songwriter canon.
  5. Where The Volunteers falls down, surprisingly, is in the excessively slick production. Despite the ethos and lyrics, musically this is not the handmade, indie effort you might expect.
  6. 70
    The best songs here brace his vulnerability with expansive flourishes. [Apr 2004, p.134]
  7. More than one track goes on about how love will eventually get us to heaven and such, and the sickly, sugary sweetness of it all just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

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