The Wedding


Generally favorable reviews - based on 20 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 20
  2. Negative: 0 out of 20
  1. Wedding might not be Oneida's most way-out album, but it's as satisfyingly restless as anything in their catalog.
  2. More proof that cohesiveness is overrated, and that Oneida's mellow will not be harshed.
  3. Blender
    Finally, an album that bridges the gaping chasm between hipsters and Rennaisance Faires. [Jun 2005, p.112]
  4. The band have always been the holding of hands between kinda-Kyuss stoner rock and spazzy synth pop, but The Wedding is unique in that it is something conclusively Oneida but also conclusively marked of indie’s recent resurgence on the mainstream pop-cultural landscape.
  5. It is easily the band’s most accomplished, interesting record, a record that will simultaneously alienate stodgy diehard “fans” and attract a new group of listeners to the band.
  6. Whereas previous Oneida albums could be criticised for being inconsistent and almost too art-rock for their own good, this sounds both absolutely complete and wonderfully concise.
  7. Oneida have never sounded more ambitious, yet they’ve kept their proggy impulses on a short leash; the flourishes serve the music, not vice versa.
  8. Filter
    Oneida have blossomed into a welcoming landscape all their own. [#21, p.102]
  9. The Wedding is a worthwhile gamble and a record like no other in the Oneida catalogue. Which, come to think of it, makes it a lot like every other Oneida record.
  10. The Wedding is certainly a new direction in some ways, but it’s still the same brainiac rock that Oneida has been dishing out for the past eight years.
  11. Magnet
    Oneida's most cohesive and beautiful record to date. [#68, p.105]
  12. Mojo
    In every sense, committed rock'n'roll. [Jul 2005, p.105]
  13. New Musical Express (NME)
    Psychedelic craziness. [30 Apr 2005, p.64]
  14. Even though half of the pieces on the album were written around the plinky melodies of a giant music-box the band built themselves, the result simply showcases a band systematically stretching out their fundamental ingredients, applying a well-defined aesthetic to a different musical environment and hitting paydirt.
  15. The Wedding is certainly one of the best records this band has released and, more important, one of the better rock records released this year.
  16. 100
    Totally brilliant, mind-meltingly good, and as different from Secret Wars as possible, except that both of these albums could change your life.
  17. The Wedding has some slow tracks, but they’re greatly outnumbered by winners that leap over a baffling range of musical styles.
  18. The New York Times
    "The Wedding" has some misfires, but vulnerability makes a promising new territory for Oneida. [23 May 2005]
  19. Uncut
    Bridges high- and low-brow without ever being anything less than exhilarating. [Jul 2005, p.99]

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 4 Ratings

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  1. WayneB
    May 25, 2005
    Awesome record! Oneida once again puts the whammy on the listener by completely going into different territory never explored on their Awesome record! Oneida once again puts the whammy on the listener by completely going into different territory never explored on their previous releases. But hey, when band members come up with names like Hanoi Jane, Kid Millions and Bobby Matador, should one be surprised by the sudden stylistic change with each new release? This is by far the band's most assured and accomplished release in their brief career, but the question is, will anyone (except the esoteric listener) ever be exposed to this brilliant record? I certainly hope so. Full Review »
  2. mikes.
    May 18, 2005
    One of the best albums of 2005 bar none, great work