Them Crooked Vultures


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  1. Although the loud tracks are the most immediate, the subtleties of later numbers like "Reptiles" prove nearly as rewarding,; don't even think of stopping play before "Gunman" shows what these pros do with a dance number.
  2. Nasty riffs and sticky melodies are everywhere, buttered over by the androgynous harmonies that have made Homme a hard-rock anti-hero, but verse-chorus arrangements hold little interest. Instead, there are fascinating digressions, packed with surprises.
  3. The biggest pleasure of Them Crooked Vultures is hearing three supremely gifted players fall together quickly and easily on songs built on simple riffs that sound like they were made up on a lark five minutes earlier.
  4. Entertainment Weekly
    The ghost of Led Zep hangs heavy over this debut collaboration. Though that's mostly "heavy" as in "heartily rocking." Homme's decidedly un-Plant-like vocal tones ensure matters never get too close to the mothership. [20 Nov 2009, p.85]
  5. This stomping, panting, sweaty monster is a great listen.
  6. From tip to toe, Them Crooked Vultures is composed with an endearing confidence and swagger, executed with aplomb by musicians at the peak of their prowess.
  7. Actually, closer to the truth is that it sounds like a QOTSA record with the kind of solid rhythm-section money couldn't buy. And if that's the case then this is the best QOTSA record since 2002's "Songs For The Deaf".
  8. While there are melodies and hooks that certainly dig into the skull, what impresses is chemistry, how the three play together, how they instigate each other, and how they spur each other on, to the point where their familiar tropes sound fresh.
  9. Them Crooked Vultures is a wonderful introduction to this all-star band.
  10. Mojo
    Ultimately, such details of momentum and mood are testimony to how Them Crooked Vultures flouts the supergroup manual. It doesn't sound like the work of rich men on holiday, but rather three serious individuals looking to prove themselves over again. [Jan 2010, p. 88]
  11. Q Magazine
    For both Grohl and Homme, Them Crooked Vultures isn't a supergroup pitched at the world's stadia, but rather a pressure release valve from their highly successful day jobs, an opportunity to kick out the jams - this is very much an album based around heads-down, brain-disengaged, rock 'n' roll boogie jamming - and revisit the classic hard rock sounds they were reared upon. [Jan 2010, p. 114]
  12. This rock supergroup delivers by drawing upon each member's talents and creating a sound that's refreshingly singular and remarkably fun.
  13. Them Crooked Vultures sounds best when they don’t toy with that formula; the experimentation gets messy.
  14. Homme and Grohl are old hands at this kind of thing--see their excellent Zeppelin homages on the Queens' "Songs for the Deaf." But they definitely seem inspired by Jonesy's presence, and he helps them keep it light.
  15. 70
    Believe it or not, though, this appealingly lightweight set of funky robo-rock jams actually makes good on Homme's promise.
  16. The band’s self-titled debut at times leans too heavily on familiar riff ’n’ roll, but for the most part it’s a groovy cross-generational jam.
  17. Them Crooked Vultures still feels like a record to be checked off a list rather than one to live with and fully invest in.
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  1. CarlV
    Apr 13, 2010
    This album is simply one of the best albums from all the contributing parties. It's a great experiment they made, with no one to impress This album is simply one of the best albums from all the contributing parties. It's a great experiment they made, with no one to impress after unanimous success, they still impress anyway. Mark of a truly amazing band. Other bands should take note. Full Review »
  2. Mar 11, 2015
    Huge personalities, **** snare hits. The lyrics going off humorously and sleazily; perfectly. The songs move along with a life of their own.Huge personalities, **** snare hits. The lyrics going off humorously and sleazily; perfectly. The songs move along with a life of their own. At once heavily stomping, always buzzing rhythmically. The only thing anyone would have to worry about is the sound production, which, by the way, is flawless. It cracks in your ears and echoes in your brain. 9.3. Full Review »
  3. Sep 14, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. Josh Homme is probably the least widely known member of this supergroup, but it's his driving force as a frontman that makes the band a success rather than a convoluted disaster. TCV definitely take more of an influence from Queens of the Stone Age than anything else, with a healthy dose of Zeppelin in there alongside. Grohl's contribution comes mainly from his superb drumming, TCV have very little Foos or Nirvana influence. The album works because they have found a formula that is both modern and new and yet strongly imposed upon by Homme and Jones' previous work. The album fails to get a higher score due to a couple of mediocre tracks halfway through. I hope the vultures fly again because they soared beautifully this time. Full Review »