This Is War - Thirty Seconds to Mars
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  1. Jan 26, 2011
    I love those albums you can listen to over and over and never get tired of them and this is one of them. The lyrics leave you breathless and the beat keeps you rockin! One of my top five favorite CDs! Check it out it is worth the time!!!!
  2. Oct 5, 2011
    "This Is War" is definitely one of the greatest albums I've heard in a long time. It has masterfully combined meaningful and metaphorical lyrics with grandiose music and it all makes a masterpiece. You can literally feel how much work has gone into it and how much the band cares. I think the reason, why it sounds so BIG, is that they used live audiences (singing, clapping, stamping etc) in the process of recording the album and therefore you can literally feel the ENERGY. My biggest worry is â Expand
  3. Jun 27, 2012
    Honestly, "A Beautiful Lie" was the best album the band has made. "This Is War" sounds like the band is trying to achieve a wider audience but it still amused me in a number of ways. "Hurricane" was my favorite song on the album and it is my favorite 30 Seconds to Mars song. Songs like, "Closer to the Edge", "Search & Destroy", "Kings & Queens" make you lose control and take you to a whole another level. I am still giving it 9/10 because the album has made me fall in love with progressive rock. Expand
  4. Oct 12, 2010
    30 seconds to mars' first album was awesome but very lost, however this album sucks and what makes it worse is that everybody likes it. asldfk lksajdf lasdfk ladsfkj asldfj
  5. Jan 26, 2011
    The last album by the misunderstood rock band is by far their best work .Lyrics that take you to a never ending journey of soul searching,music tha awakens you and provokes your hidden passions ,giving you the appetite for more and;s truly an album i still can't stop listening to ,with edgy rock tunes (like " night of the hunter " or "closer to the edge" ), heart felt -but not teenage lollipop- ballads (like my favourite "alibi' ) and more to shake you and make you agree with me that 30 seconds to mars are what the future will bring.. Expand
  6. Apr 6, 2012
    All i have to say about this album is that it is awesome! It contains some of the best songs of 2009 and possibly the decade. 30 seconds to mars are one of those bands that get better with age and they proved just that with this 3rd offering.
  7. Nov 28, 2012
    Awesome album, awesome songs, awesomw lyrics, awesome guitar solos, AWESOME BAND! This album is my treasure. 'Alibi' is so emotional, and 'Stranger in a strange land' is EXPLOSIVE.
  8. Apr 2, 2013
    best best best best best concept album I've ever's the first hard rock album to be a concept ,,,,actually 30 seconds to Mars are genius, no doubt.... I bet rolling stone billboard or other reviewing to feel such a fantastic album!!!!!
  9. Dec 29, 2013
    Escape (9) I love this intro/song because of how it was the intro to Hurricane the music video. Just how the music builds and how the Echelon states that This Is War with whomever Thirty Seconds To Mars is at war with.

    Night Of The Hunter (9.25) This is one of my favorite songs by Thirty Seconds To Mars. The main premise of the song is being a hunter at night and how the hunter will get
    revenge one day against the ones who have hurt him/her in the past. Basically, I love this song because of its dark overtones and I am a very dark guy because I stick paring knives in my neck.

    Kings And Queens (9.25) The best part of this song is the beginning when the heavy instrumentals hit and take the song off on a very cool ride. I love the whole victims of ourselves line because of what people do to themselves. I also think it's interesting that Jared states that the age of man is over and their band is named Thirty Seconds To Mars.

    This Is War (9.25) This song is great to me because of how it is a statement. A statement that can be made to any person about anyone. I kind of use it as a motivator for myself when I am doing work on the computer when I think about people who have given me a hard time. I really like the lyrics, especially the whole line about fighting to the death. When the song gets more harmonious, it changes the whole context of the song and the mood and I thought that was really cool.

    100 Suns (8.5) While this song is very simple, the message is very beautiful I think how Jared states that he believes in nothing but life. I guess I believe that there is a higher power of some sort so you should try to be the best person you can at all times because if it's not metaphysical, it's probably the NSA.

    Hurricane (9.25) This is one of my favorite music videos of all time and if they would have not have taken down the official site for it, I would have given the song a 9.5. I really like the whole line of 'tell me would you kill to save a life' and how it's correlated to the liberal ego and how it can drive people to kill for satisfaction and piece of mind from their enemies. The song itself is very calm in the beginning and talks about a range of issues. The song then speeds up a bit. The song to me is about a midlife crisis or a hurricane that changed the general landscape of something or someone like their thinking. My favorite part of the music video is the Gimps, Rosewood the wuman with ripped arms and manboobs, and how Jared uses the Kenpo Bear Clap effectively against the Gimps.

    Closer To The Edge (9.25) This track is great to me because of how Jared sings about moments and how he refuses to say sorry. He talks about not having regrets and living life because everyone goes through strife especially if your not a square cracker. I played this song alot right before I attempted suicide and it really kind of helped slow the boiling water down.

    Vox Populi (9.25) I think this song would be great to be used in a revolutionary sense to heed the call for Socialism. To me the triad represents alot, and how we could form a perfect world if the controllers of this world wanted it. Vox Populi means voice of the people in Latin. One of my favorite lines is 'want to be doG or the liVed like me' and when the new instrumentals kick in when Jared starts singing about darkness falling. I know you all probably think I have a mancrush on Jared but I don't. Saying that I want you all to know. Women don't like bankers, they like rock and movie stars so you should look up to your elders. Happy birthday because 6's are 9's!

    Search And Destroy (8) This song to me is kind of unique on the album because of the flow of sound within the song. It's a little different. It's not off but it is distorted in a way like the lyrics and the sound of the instruments are not supposed to match perfectly but are supposed to be off for artistic purposes. I think they say search and destroy in the song too much though.

    Alibi (9.25) This piece to me is very powerful because it describes my life to a tee over the past few years and how I became a different person and how I felt it happen in my brain chemistry. I just look at everyone I used to know and they seem the same even though I know they have changed. But I think I have changed the most for the better and the worse. I just like the calm mood this piece sets for the album after all the other songs are upbeat in tempo for the most part.

    Stranger In a Strange Land (9) This song has dark overtones and I like it because he says some rotten stuff to his female fan base. My favorite line of the song is 'if your looking for Jesus, then get on your knees.' And I bet all the girls at the concert do. I'll let you all symbolize whatever you want from that statement.

    L490 (9) The sounds in the beginning of this track reminds me of the music playing in the creepy video in that movie The Ring. The acoustics in this song though are great especially since it has evil overtones attached to it.

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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 10
  2. Negative: 2 out of 10
  1. 67
    On the unashamedly epic This Is War, Leto doesn't just shoot for the moon, he practically colonizes it.
  2. This Is War is made serviceable by its polished showmanship.
  3. 30
    Playing to splintered attention spans, This Is War insistently splices bits of other artists' work into a facile crescendo of mega-angst and ephemeral drama.