This Is... - Icona Pop

Generally favorable reviews - based on 22 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 22
  2. Negative: 0 out of 22
  1. Sep 24, 2013
    It’s a refreshingly fun album with no pretenses, just plenty of sing-along hooks and dancefloor jams.
  2. 85
    It’s uplifting, motivating and unashamedly simple (which, frankly, is it’s major charm).
  3. Sep 27, 2013
    It plays like a sweet-toothed sparring session, one punch after the next of joyful high-pitched barking.
  4. Sep 23, 2013
    This Is...Icona Pop is a consistently fun album, and it would be even without their big single.
  5. Sep 19, 2013
    This Is... Icona Pop, like Carly Rae Jepsen's "Kiss," may someday be viewed as a full-length that included one pop masterpiece, but that underscores the delectability of the treats Icona Pop has sprinkled around that triumph.
  6. Sep 26, 2013
    The first seven songs play out like a 20-minute power hour, but the album loses a bit of steam after that.
  7. Sep 19, 2013
    This is... succeeds where most modern pop records fail: it's nurturing, exciting, and very intelligent debut. [Aug-Sep 2013, p.91]
  8. Oct 11, 2013
    It’s unashamedly fantastic, uplifting and most of all it’s a real joy to listen to.
  9. Oct 1, 2013
    This Is… Icona Pop is a worthwhile listen because it doesn’t dumb down. It’s not trying to enlighten, either.
  10. Sep 23, 2013
    While most of the concerns expressed in This Is... seem wafer-thin, the innovative production and diamond-hard songcraft suggest something else entirely. Icona Pop has few equals in the current landscape when it comes to immaculately crafted radio-dance music.
  11. Sep 19, 2013
    Even when they're shouting, they do so in a particularly musical and distinctive way, and although their smash is one of five This Is… songs the duo had no hand in writing, they nevertheless suggest a consistent sense of authorship through the intensity of their shared ecstasies and frustrations.
  12. Sep 19, 2013
    The pair instill joy and charm (and an occasional telltale Swedish accent) in head-hammering up-in-theclub chants about eternal weekends and heedless vitality.
  13. 67
    This Is… Icona Pop is not revolutionary, original, or inventive.... What This Is… Icona Pop, and Icona Pop as an artistic duo, possess that few others can lay claim to, is a firm grasp on the musical zeitgeist.
  14. Oct 8, 2013
    Two songs from the EP made the cut for the album (“Ready For the Weekend” and, predictably, “I Love It”) and though the latter--a Charli XCX co-written club banger--still stands out high above the rest of the album’s tracks, the songs that comprise This Is...Icona Pop are even larger and louder than their predecessors.
  15. Nov 1, 2013
    It's more than good, but it could have been great.
  16. Oct 10, 2013
    It has ten passable tracks and one certified super-smash that will either get listeners gleefully singing-along or reaching for the skip button. You decide.
  17. 60
    In the end, you love this album. Of course you do. But not as much as you could have, and when you have this much potential and youthful energy on your hands, that sin is almost unforgivable.
  18. 50
    Good moments include the drama-packed ‘Just Another Night’ and the fun pop of ‘On A Roll’, but neither resembles the formulaic trash cluttering the rest of the record.
  19. Oct 4, 2013
    Basically, you can listen to all 11 tracks of This Is... Icona Pop and have a reasonable time, or you can put I Love It on repeat, forever, and have the time of your life.
  20. 50
    What starts out as jubilant becomes four-on-the-floor purgatory. [4 Oct 2013, p.64]
  21. Oct 11, 2013
    This Is... Icona Pop does contain some enjoyable moments, but it's a hollow victory. [Nov 2013, p.117]
  22. Oct 3, 2013
    It’s not a terrible album. It’s not a spectacular train wreck. It is, in fact, so remarkably unremarkable that neither a glowing nor incinerating score feel deserved.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 35 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 10
  2. Negative: 0 out of 10
  1. Sep 24, 2013
    They're the band who's hard to hate. Simply because they have so much fun doing what they do. This album is an unexpected surprise with productions tones meatier than the average club bangers. A perfect slice of pop. Full Review »
  2. Feb 18, 2014
    A great and enjoyable album. I love how Icona Pop have made this album fun and that's what make it more interesting. Get ready for half an hour of singalongs and dancefloor anthems! Full Review »
  3. Dec 25, 2013
    Quite fun to listen to, but nothing special after all. After I listened to this album I couldn't remember any song in particular due to lack of variety. Full Review »