• Record Label: RCA
  • Release Date: Jun 28, 2011

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  1. Jun 30, 2011
    This Loud Morning winds up as an album that's primarily textural mood music for the morning, and one that's not all that loud either.
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    Cook must think the greatest era of rock history was between 1995 and 1999, when bands like Better Than Ezra and Our Lady Peace pumped alt radio full of post-grunge jangle. Both of those bands' frontmen have co-writing credits on the former Idol victor's second album, This Loud Morning.
  3. 60
    This Loud Morning offers an irresistible balance of pop and rock to satisfy existing fans and entice new ones to Cook's musical camp, especially those oblivious to Cook's season seven Idol win.
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  1. Jul 2, 2011
    m2msucks...your review loses all credibility since David Cook co-wrote every single song on the album. So go troll some other artist. Thism2msucks...your review loses all credibility since David Cook co-wrote every single song on the album. So go troll some other artist. This album is a deeply personal effort from the AI7 winner and platinum artist, that strongly reflects the experiences he's gone through in the past few years, from the highs of his "discovery" on AI, to the lows of losing his brother to brain cancer. Just like his performance of "The Music of the Night" on AI...this is a deeply artistic album, that highlights Cook's dramatic tenor, and his ability to find emotion in music. However also like his performance of MOTN...as Simon pointed out...it's "too rounded off"...not enough grit, or edge, that is just as much a part of Cook, as is beautiful, sensitive album. There are soaring choruses, soft moments, and upbeat tempos, ..but even though the production is interesting, my opinion is Matt Selertic overproduced this album to the point of editing out David's rough edges. 8/10 because the best is yet to come from David Cook. This is a great album with real music..and a definite journey of the heart. Full Review »
  2. Jun 30, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. An intensely personal, loosely structured concept album, David Cook's newest record is a vast improvement on his already respectable debut. Cook is credited on having co-written every song, and it does not take much research into the events in his life over the last three years, good and bad, to know that these are not vanity credits -- his sorrows and joys are intimately painted over a rich, dynamic, sonic landscape. Although one might argue that the stylistic elements of his flavor of rock are too static from one song to the next, I believe this works to its benefit, as while that may be the case at first, the swing back and forth from quiet balladry to full-out guitar-driven, anthemic choruses becomes more extreme as the songs in the album progress, echoing the tension present in the lyrical themes. Said lyrical themes also flow from one song to the next. Cook's concept is based on a lyric in the last song, Rapid Eye Movement: "Give me one more quiet night before this loud morning gets it right and does me in." His concept of sleep as a reprieve from the chaos of the day begins in the first song, Circadian, a whimsical, haunting track in which Cook pleads for salvation in slumber. The songs progress through an imagined, dreamt-of relationship, although it does not take much to remove the veneer of romance he instills upon most of the songs to reveal the reflection of his waking life. This album is not meant to be a disparate collection of radio singles. While many of the songs do contain addictive hooks, the songs in this album work best in conjunction with one another, echoing each other thematically, lyrically, and musically. This Loud Morning rewards the listener with unexpected metaphors and unusual instrumentation if one only pays attention and savors its elements. In many ways, it is most stylistically similar to Cook's indie album Analog Heart, which he issued shortly before his tenure on American Idol. And it is to Cook's credit that his status of winner of that singing competition is but a footnote to his overall musicianship. This Loud Morning is an endeavor that would do any artist proud; to have this effort emerge from the machine of a reality show is virtually unheard of, and should place Cook firmly in the Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood camp of winners who have transcended their title. I intend to watch his career with much interest, as for a sophomore effort, it bodes extremely well for his potential for true greatness in the future. Full Review »
  3. Jun 29, 2011
    This is an awesome, rockin' album! It's easy to listen to and has a soaring, cinematic vibe with the right balance of dark and upliftingThis is an awesome, rockin' album! It's easy to listen to and has a soaring, cinematic vibe with the right balance of dark and uplifting melodies. I love the brilliant arrangements, the mid-tempo to uptempo rock songs with their unadulterated, heartfelt, and relatable lyrics. It's relevant to selfish me. Full Review »