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  • Summary: This is the latest album for the California-based indie rock trio.
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    It seems they’ve found land for their sea legs, regaining footing with a more profound focus by the likes of Cambria Goodwin, whose vocals nod toward Régine Chassagne’s sadness and the haunting of Victoria Legrand.
  2. Again addressing themes of geographical and emotional isolation, Threadbare sounds like a band trying to find its place in the world, whether on land or at sea.
  3. Threadbare’s generous, circular nature is to be applauded; it’s rare that studies of loss are as authentically moving and sensitively played as this--and even rarer they’re so completely endearing.
  4. The band has pretty much stayed the course, adding some orchestral flourishes to a few songs on new LP Threadbare, but generally hewing to its acoustic guitar/secular spiritual awakening formula.
  5. While the more upbeat tracks on Threadbare are competent and downright catchy, they're ultimately engulfed by the fog from which they were born.
  6. Q Magazine
    Whatever Port O'Brien went through over the last 12 months was evidently painful, yet it's upped their game considerably. [Nov 2009, p.111]
  7. It's full of strong supporting performances, but lacks the defining moment to pull it together.

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