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  1. It's essentially more of the same kickabout beach-pop that Brian Wilson might have sounded like if he'd listened obsessively to '80s indie legends Felt while he was plaing in his sandpit. [1 Jul 2006, p.36]
  2. On Three's Co., Rademaker's songwriting has matured, which combined with the bigger production, makes for a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying listen.
  3. It's consistently catchy, and produced with a broad enough vision so that it doesn't get repetitive.
  4. Effortlessly shimmering, breezy guitar pop.
  5. 70
    Bright, anxious pop-rock melodies that pulse with a geeky charm. [Sep 2006, p.114]
  6. 70
    Though there's plenty of wit... to go along with copious amounts of jangle, twang and... Brian Wilson-esque sweep, there's often an overriding, wistful sadness mixed in with the Left Coast hedonism. [#73, p.106]
  7. 60
    [Their] irony is especially trying when it infects the music. [Jul 2006, p.110]
  8. 60
    [They] now sound more immediate, but seem to have forsaken some of their delicacy for caffeinated fuzz-pop, minus hooks. [Jun 2006, p.120]
  9. 60
    Though varying little from past Tyde albums, Three's Co. is a welcome tribute to summer. [Sep 2006, p.139]
  10. Like its predecessors, Three's Co. mixes the sun-soaked power pop proclivities of Teenage Fanclub with the sylvan jangle of Felt, though the Tyde too often seem afraid to really make waves.
  11. Three’s Co. offers enough “new stuff” to ward off complacency (and criticisms thereof) while further strengthening the sonic and lyrical groundwork the band has already laid.
  12. While the guitars shimmer, and there’s a pretty little keyboard solo, the vibe he’s attempting to rouse ends up stale. [#15]
  13. [Its] strongest songs more than compensate for the few lapses in songwriting found elsewhere.
  14. It’s a trad, tried, and tested sound that they truck around town, exemplified by guest appearances by Conor Deasy of The Thrills and, a little more inexplicably, Maroon 5’s bass player. It’s the middle ground bewteen these two groups which The Tyde occupy.
  15. At the end of it all, you realise there's really nothing here.
  16. There's nothing new here. [May 2006, p.131]
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  1. FdezA
    Oct 5, 2006
    Ok. Nothig special but good songs and charm melodies.
  2. mikes.
    Sep 1, 2006
    The reviews so far have been non-impressive and I'd have to agree. There seems to be not much of a change from their previous album and The reviews so far have been non-impressive and I'd have to agree. There seems to be not much of a change from their previous album and the production has gotten worse. Songwriting is average, not a bad release, but nothing special. Full Review »