Thursday - The Weeknd
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  1. Oct 22, 2011
    This album is so fantastic. The Weeknd is IMO the most creative and intriguing artist out there right now. This album is not as consistent as House of Balloons but has higher highs. the self titled track, The Zone, and the Birds Part I and II are all incredible songs with so much depth and emotion in the singing. The Weeknd is surely growing as an artist, and singer, and a producer. The reviews claiming it's just "more of the same" weren't listening very closely. Expand
  2. Nov 9, 2011
    AMAZING album, fantastic sounds very catchy and The Weeknd vocals add to the already amazing album, Also his producers are some of the best out there crystal clear sound quality. This is basically a gift hence the fact that you can download it legally for free in his official website
  3. Jun 21, 2013
    The Weeknd established himself as someone who has the capability to produce and spread real music out there, and yet he is still underrated, or overrated by someone who is not on the right mind. The very intriguing use of folk, acoustic and face-paced PBR&B clearly proves his creativity in bonding soul and electronic sounds. Highlight mixtape tracks are the romantically tranquil ''Rolling Stone'', the abstract and ninja-like tune ''Lonely Star'' and the Electronic folk combo ''The Birds Part 1''.
    Well done Abel!
  4. Nov 17, 2011
    Amazing follow-up to the simply brilliant House of Balloons. Nothing more to say. Download this immediately and wait painfully like the rest of us for the final installment of the trilogy, Echoes of Silence.
  5. Oct 5, 2012
    "Thursday" is my favorite album of 2011. Everyone seems to like House of Balloons more, but i think Thursday is better. Styles of music include R&B with a rock vibe, and the mix works perfectly. My favorite songs are "Life Of The Party", "Lonely Star", "Heaven Or Las Vegas" and "Rolling Stone"
  6. Jul 8, 2012
    The Weeknd's sophomore album is memorable, but lacking in the uber-quality samples that made House of Balloons so great. Out of the 9 songs, I love 7 of them. Lonely Star is a perfect opener for the album; it will make you so hopeful that another perfect mix-tape is to come. Thursday also represents a step up in quality. The Weeknd, from what I hear, got some quality producers to help him out as well as created a completely new sound. I have to say House of Balloons doesn't sound like something that mainstream. Granted, that's why I love it so damn much, but it was too project-like almost. Bold albums like that are a rare find in today's industry. That's not to say that Thursday fits that bill, either. Thursday is still a daring addition but it's a bit more collected than HOB. Expand
  7. Nov 13, 2012
    Though this currently has the lowest score out of his three albums, it is my personal favorite. The production is top notch, Abel shows more vocal range than ever before, and the songs are also more of a storytelling format. There is not a single bad song this outing, and whereas House of Balloons slowed too much at times, Thursday keeps a consistent tempo and ties its songs into a single theme/story. This is one of those rare albums where I can either pick out singles or listen to the album as a whole and be equally happy. It is amazing that any of the three albums are free, as they are the only R&B albums I enjoy. Highly recommended. Perfect 10 Expand
  8. Mar 19, 2013
    The best of his three mixtapes. Consistent, flows brilliantly, tons of replay value for every song. House of Balloons, while brilliant throughout, was somehow inconsistent in mood and atmosphere, but as a whole Thursday dominates.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 17 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 17
  2. Negative: 0 out of 17
  1. Nov 8, 2011
    It's yet another labor of love from The Weeknd, and it does not disappoint.
  2. Nov 8, 2011
    Toronto outfit, The Weekend, have been hailed as one of the most exciting new sounds in modern R&B -- hype that, on the basis of this equally startling follow-up, seems entirely justified. [Nov. 2011, p. 138]
  3. Sep 21, 2011
    Nothing on Thursday sounds like filler.