Tight Knit

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  • Summary: The fourth album for the Andy Cabic-led band was produced by Thom Monahan.

Top Track

Rolling Sea
Wouldn't you love to be out on the rollin' sea With only the sky above you for a roof What if all your friends were there Laugh at all your jokes and... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. His crooning has an absentminded, otherworldly quality that's perfectly lovely.
  2. Tight Knit’s arrangements are rather tightly wound, with the album’s soothing vibe finely calibrated enough to excuse an outlying foray into languid funk.
  3. On the surface, Tight Knit may sound like more of the same for Vetiver, and thankfully so. While the band reaches a bit further than previously, they are careful not to stretch too far, focusing instead on the continued refinement of their position as rock’s youngest elder statesmen.
  4. A sweet, cheery and summery collection of folk tunes that sometimes verges on a more commercial surfy sound akin to Jack Johnson while still remaining on the right side of lovely.
  5. 70
    Everything here, from the restrained pedal steel and drifty organ to the lyrics, reflects a gentle informality that has nothing to do with laziness and everything to do with following the flow.
  6. While laying his influences bare on a covers record may have tipped his hand as to what Tight Knit would sound like, there is little about this album that is predictable.
  7. California dreaming, diminishing returns.

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