Time The Conqueror - Jackson Browne
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  1. Oct 14, 2012
    My all-time favorite musician by far.
    1.Jackson Browne (favorite song: Bright Baby Blues) 2.Tupac Shakur 3.Mariah Carey
    4.Jimmy Buffett

    Thanks to Jackson Browne's lyrical genius, my overall appreciation for all well written and composed music has expanded to nearly every genre. There are still a few music genres that are truly unbearable. No matter how talented or damn sexy the
    individual/s are. As a child growing up my musical preferences was based solely from trending FM radio play. Which, for me was Hip-Hop/R&B and 80's Europe bands. It wasn't until I began golfing with dad that I opened-up to alternative forms of music. Driving home from the golf course my father would either be listing to AM Talk-radio or jamming a Jackson album. This one particular journey home "Rosie" was playing and my father asked me "Listen to this entire song and tell me what it's about?" I replayed that song over-and-over again, at least a dozen times, as I tried to decipher it's content. Took me a little over a decade (age 19-21) to figure that one out but I finally did. A song sexual hardships and having to resort to masturbation that's eloquently composed and has a very catchy chorus.... Dude's absolutely BRILLIANT!! Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 4 Critics

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  1. Most of these songs feel like quickly dashed off poems; it's all "tell" with no "show," because there isn't anything in the music to effectively offer them to the listener as conversation; instead they are on display as mixed-message sermons.
  2. 80
    Six years on from his last, with a white beard grown, Browne delivers elegantly considered weight and truth. [Nov 2008, p.119]
  3. Browne recorded with his longtime quartet in a style that evokes his recent solo acoustic work, and their quicksilver craft leaves no need for overworked arrangements.