Tin Can Trust - Los Lobos

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  1. 100
    Tin Can Trust is a masterful album from an undeniably great American band, at the peak of its considerable powerers. [Sep 2010, p.88]
  2. On Tin Cast Trust, Los Lobos prove that tough times don't last, but tough music does, and those are words we can all live by.
  3. This is much more about capturing their inimitable onstage chemistry with sizzling fuzz guitar solos, unexpected fusions of styles and the kind of relaxed confidence that only comes with this kind of history.
  4. Listening to a Los Lobos album is a bit like walking down the streets of a neighborhood, with a different kind of music spilling out of every doorway.
  5. The barrio strivers throughout Trust are as vivid now as they were decades ago.
  6. Make no mistake, the storytelling is detailed and the musicianship is precession-sharp, but dotted with faithful Spanish-language takes on cumbia and Norteno styles, and one unnecessary blues-jam interlude, Tin Can Trust ultimately eases into traditionalism.
  7. Tin Can Trust is more of a straight-ahead rock record, relaxed in approach and spirited in performance.
  8. The title-track is a prime example of the album's dominant pace: downbeat and sluggish.
  9. It's the record of a band who have plenty of experience, a good track record and know what makes a good album.
  10. It's an album about facing limitations, drawing what hope there is from seeing each situation clearly.
  11. Tin Can Trust stands as a solid piece of work from the band. [Summer 2010, p.88]
  12. All of Tin Can's shifting tempos make you feel like you're getting a new song each time, but really, you've heard it all before.
  13. 60
    While initial listens don't suggest a classic like Kiko, one gets a feeling that this as a work that will reveal layers over time. [Sep 2010, p.104]
  14. When Los Lobos hook up with songwriters like ex-Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter, things start to go downhill in a hurry.
  15. With its combination of acoustic rock, Spanish music, and mystical balladry, the album traverses all the styles Los Lobos has explored over the last 30 years-with a blues instrumental and a Grateful Dead cover perplexingly thrown in for good measure.
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  1. AnonymousMC
    Aug 5, 2010
    When Los Lobos hook up with songwriters like ex-Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter, things start to go downhill on an otherwise solid effort. Otherwise, it is a very enjoyable collection of songs. Full Review »