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  • Summary: Matthew Houck releases his cover album of Willie Nelson songs.
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    Rather than coming across as note-for-note recreations, each song takes on a new, softer life with Houck's delicate vocals. [Winter 2009, p.98]
  2. Matthew Houck, better known as the voice of Phosphorescent, has given Willie Nelson (and the rest of us) a gorgeous, shimmering gift in To Willie.
  3. 80
    It’s earthy and it’s eloquent--no doubt Willie will approve.
  4. Houck's impressive effort nonetheless inevitably sends you back to Nelson's originals, only illuminating their brilliance.
  5. To Willie isn’t a particularly dynamic record--even 'I Gotta Get Drunk' sounds sensitive--but Houck has succeeded in communicating his own musical vision through Nelson’s songs, an achievement to which Nelson himself would no doubt raise a glass.
  6. From beginning to end, Houck's voice crackles with soul, and his down-home arrangements are soothing and familiar without seeming cliché. That being said, there is nothing particularly innovative about the album.
  7. 40
    When Phosphorescent's Matthew Houck and his band pay homage to Nelson, it feels like a greenhorn hitching on to the pothead patron saint's biodiesel wagon as a credibility grab.

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