True Love Cast Out All Evil - Roky Erickson With Okkervil River
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  • Summary: The 13th Floor Elevators founder returns with his first album of new music in more than 10 years, and Okkervil River joins him as his backing band.
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  1. Not unlike Bob Dylan's Time Out Of Mind, this is an album by a grizzled veteran of rock's rougher roads who proves in his late career that he still has great work in him. Perhaps even better, Erickson sounds remarkably confident and optimistic; for all the tumult of his life, he's happy to be living it.
  2. This is a great record, full with a daring, hard-earned hope, and a deep emotion. And that's something a lot of records could really use these days.
  3. True Love Cast Out All Evil is more than just a comeback, it's the best and most deeply moving album of his solo career.
  4. This album isn't for everyone, but it's as open-hearted and grittily triumphant as any you'll hear this year.
  5. Thanks to Okkervil's chiming, handsome folk rock--and also to Erickson's improbably buoyant spirit--the music doesn't sound defeated or even especially vulnerable. True Love makes good on its title.
  6. He sings with renewed strength and even sweetness in these new versions of songs from the Seventies height of his troubles.
  7. This is a heavily flawed album, at times frustratingly so. It can feel painfully sentimental: full of sweeping string arrangements, dramatic instrumental surges, and celestial soundscapes.

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