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Summary: Released separately in 2010 as three vinyl records, Forest of Evil, Liberation Through Hearing, and Voices of Dust are released together with additional tracks as a three-CD set for 2011.
Record Label: Modern Love
Genre(s): Electronic, Experimental, Electronica, Experimental Techno, Experimental Electronic, Dark Ambient
Credit: Group Member Group Member Primary Artist

Track Listings

01 Forest Of Evil (Dusk) 01 Black Sun
02 Forest Of Evil (Dawn) 02 Hashshashin Chant
03 Quiet Sky 03 Repository Of Light
01 Caged In Stammheim 04 Of Decay And Shadows
02 Eurydice 05 Rain And Shame
03 Regolith 06 Desert Ascetic
04 The Stars Are Moving 07 Viento De Levante
05 Bardo Thodol 08 Leptonic Matter
06 Matilda's Dream 09 A Tale of Sand
07 Nothing But The Night 2 10 Filtered Through Prejudice
08 Library Of Solomon 11 Past Is Past
09 Library Of Solomon

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