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  1. This record is no fun at all, the tension is rarely resolved, and -- oh no! -- it isn't exactly revolutionary, though some new shades of gray have been discovered. But you shouldn't allow your perception to be fogged by such considerations when someone has just done it for you and, most importantly, when all this brilliance is waiting to overwhelm you.
  2. Their robe is cut from cloth that matters: melodic Peter Hook-like basslines; the divine shoegazer textures of My Bloody Valentine and Ride; a peppy, Strokes-like bounce; and a singer who's a dead ringer for Ian Curtis.
  3. 100
    For such a dark and brooding record, Turn on the Bright Lights is also unexpectedly thrilling, coasting on jagged minor-chord guitar melodies and huge emotional swells with a ton of high points along the way.
  4. Interpol mix the propulsive sonic backgrounds and emotional swells of early-'80s post-punk with unexpected bursts of melody and their own brand of wit to create one of themost exciting new sounds of the year. [23 Aug 2002, p.142]
  5. Loss, regret, and a minor key brilliantly permeate jangling guitars and rhythmic and tonal shifts-- and although it's no Closer or OK Computer, it's not unthinkable that this band might aspire to such heights.
  6. Plainly stated, Turn on the Bright Lights is the album modern followers of post-punk have been waiting for.
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  1. Mar 3, 2011
    possibly one of the greatest albums ever recorded. everyone stop comparing them to joy division. just because paul banks sings in a baritone voice, it does not mean he is ripping off ian curtis. it just means he sings in a baritone voice. last time i checked joy division didnt use a ton of reverb, interpol does. interpol is way more melodic than joy division. and i do not see the similarities with ok computer. yeah its a sad dark album, but i wouldnt say that sad dark albums are exclusive to radiohead. lucky, paranoid android, karma police, climbing up the walls, exit music (for a film), and no surprises sound nothing like this album. stop comparing them. even if they are "ripping them off", they ripped them off in a brilliant way. kurt cobain admitted to ripping off the pixies on nevermind, no one will argue that that album is bad. turn on the bright lights is an amazing album. end of argument Full Review »
  2. Jun 10, 2012
    Why are you users talking just about Joy Division and Radiohead? In fact I really found offensive when someone was talking about OK Computer. Turn On... and OK Computer have nothing in common!! TELEVISION!! Does someone remember this band? Maybe the first band to create melodies based on two guitars? This is the main influence for every indie rock band in the world, specially for Interpol. And the "depressive" sensation? It came from Joy Division, obviously. Forget Radiohead! This is a totally different topic... Full Review »
  3. Aug 4, 2014
    This album is a masterpiece of 2000's. It is the best album of that decade and one of the greatest of all time.
    There are guitars, playing
    elegant and sad melodies, being soft, hard, gentle, raw.
    There's an incredible drumming through it, Sam Fogarino plays the drums with an unmistakable emotive style, his style.
    There are unforgettable bass lines, played by one of the best bassist of our times, Carlos Dengler, and there's the melancholic moving voice of Paul Banks.
    This is an expressionist record, emotions flows through it from start to finish. When you put it on and the first track, Untitled, begins to play, you already feel the talent, the beauty and the uniqueness contained in what you're hearing. These things won't disappear during the listen and when you'll have finished to hear the last track, the love for Interpol will be filling your heart.
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