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  • Summary: Amon Tobin and Joe "Doubleclick" Chapman join together to release their debut album together featuring Sway, Ms. Jade, and Ce'Cile as guests.
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  1. 80
    The only aspect that prevents this album from achieving flawless cohesion is the fact that each track sounds so distinctly different, so much that it’s almost a chore to readjust to the new sounds one is bombarded with from track to track.
  2. Simply put, Two Fingers is pretty much everything that anyone with an interest in clubtronica has been waiting for.
  3. A few rhythmically awkward moments detract from the album’s overall flow, particularly on 'High Life,' but chalk that up to two competing staccato production styles.
  4. The whole record is a smart little left-turn for everyone involved. And if it's not quite an unalloyed triumph, I would totally play a video game with this soundtrack.
  5. In a vacuum, it’s a captivating and well-designed experiment. But in this real world where hip-hop is history, where it owns that history, wears it, references it, reflects it, bounces it around, Two Fingers’ record comes off overcooked and overflowing.
  6. Under The Radar
    Modern cityscapes, dilapidated by neglect, spring to mind when listening to police-dissing banger, 'What You Know.' Its police-siren chorus is the one moment of levity on a somewhat harsh release. [Spring 2009, p.77]
  7. Alternative Press
    Amon Tobin and Joe "Doubleclick" Chapman have created some truly interesting sounds, but the end result is sadly just another trip-hop excursion with lame rapping over the top. [May 2009, p.123]

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