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  • Summary: The self-titled album is the third for the San Francisco duo.
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  1. 80
    Two Gallants make good on their promise with this third LP. [Oct 2007, p.94]
  2. Perhaps more so than any other band out there today, the pair channel the spirit of the wandering troubadour in all of his dusty, down and out glory.
  3. Sure, Two Gallants might take a good four tracks to get going, but the five that follow are outstanding--alive, almost.
  4. It's tempting to write Stephens off as self-obsessed (which, in all fairness, places him in a long line of beloved singer-songwriters, from Bob Dylan on), but nonetheless, there are some compelling melodies here and more than enough commitment.
  5. 66
    While they’re as adept as any duo at infusing world-weary melancholy into every bar, they’re not really raising the bar with this one.
  6. While the limitations of their two-man line-up means that the music never takes flight in quite the same way, the austere likes of 'Fly Low Carrion Crow' still leaves an indelible mark. [Oct 2007, p.106]
  7. So far--on two full-lengths and a pair of EPs--the results have been underwhelming. That trend continues on this homonymous disc.

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