Two Men With The Blues - Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis
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  • Summary: This is a recording of the special concert of Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis who performed together in January 2007 at Jazz at Lincoln Center.
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  1. Two Men With The Blues is Willie at his most limber--and the surprise is that his co-star, the oft-formal Wynton Marsalis, sounds just as loose.
  2. Ten exuberant, tender, casually elegant tracks later you realize - much to your surprise, if you're like me--that the pairing of the grizzled country star and the suave jazz master is an unmitigated, ear-tickling success.
  3. Willie and Wynton may seem like an odd couple, but this live disc makes the country legend amd jazz master sound like natural partners. [11 Jul 2008, p.75]
  4. Aside from standout individual performances, what makes this vibrant session click so naturally is the collaborative spirit bonding these two great American artists tapping into the rich, varied legacy of our popular music.
  5. An album whose enviably assured vibe pretty much drips out of the speakers.
  6. Sure, the novelty helps, and if it recurs too often, the glee of hearing Nelson and Marsalis mesh will diminish. But hearing once how they play with and against each other is a real treat.
  7. Don’t count on hearing any lively back-and-forth exchanges, though, they’re clearly too respectful of each other to risk stepping on any toes in public.

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