Two Sunsets

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  • Summary: Scotland's Pastels and Japan's Tenniscoats release their first album together, which was recorded over a three year period while the bands were touring.
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  1. It’s a fitting near-farewell for this disarmingly tender and enjoyable album.
  2. The bands' unselfconscious appreciation of each other brings something more: a buoyant confidence that infuses every subtly orchestrated note.
  3. 80
    Geographic's signature--naive oreintal pop meets introverted occidental indie--is bewitchingly realised here in 12 gossamer songs. [Nov 2009, p.101]
  4. It is indeed a credit to all involved that this album sounds as ego-less and cohesive as it does. The performances throughout also retain a loose, lived-in quality that strikes an even balance between purposeful songwriting and the pleasant surprises of in-studio “mistakes”.
  5. Sure, it is unfocussed and diffuse in places, but it still succeeds in deploying the several and varied voices of its collaborating creators to produce something that ultimately just about hangs together with a valiant, if tattered sort of coherence.
  6. Sometimes, the result is as frail and lovely as worn lace; sometimes it's just threadbare.
  7. Overall, Two Sunsets' twee pop aesthetics lattice into a misty, pastoral inertness.

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