Uncle Charlie

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  • Summary: The former lead singer for The Gap Band releases his second solo album, which features guest appearances by Jamie Foxx, T-Pain, and Snoop Dogg.
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  1. 70
    Songs like 'Love, Love, Love,' and 'Can't Live Without You' create the quintessential formula for a classic two-step and Wilson is sure to dazzle longtime fans with the more easygoing numbers. But sleepier tracks like 'One Time,' border on clich├ęd at times.
  2. Those familiar with '80s funk trio the Gap Band will find a decidedly modern R&B sound on the second Jive solo album from frontman Charlie Wilson, which by turns is both riveting and a little disappointing.
  3. Keeping a good thing going, Uncle Charlie follows the formula of the former Gap Band vocalist's previous release, "Charlie, Last Name Wilson," which climbed to number ten on Billboard's album chart.
  4. A third of the songs are about hooking up with ladies, a third are heartfelt ballads to lovers, and a third are break-up songs. It's the lifecycle of a relationship, over and over. I'm not convinced by it, but it's working for him.
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