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  • Summary: The fifth and final album from The Delgados (released on the band's own Chemikal Underground label) was co-produced with Tony Doogan. It ditches the strings of its orchestral predecessor, 'Hate,' to take a much poppier approach.
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  1. They've truly hit their stride on Universal Audio.
  2. It all sounds nice enough to start with, but as you hear it more and more you love it more and more, the simple charms showing themselves to be more and more complicated but no less delightful.
  3. The listener gets acoustic ballads, guitar-driven rock exercises, poppy refrains, and jazz-inflected asides in a single package, and at no point does it really feel that the Scottish quartet is overextending itself or sacrificing the vitality of its work for the ability to slap the name of another sonic digression on the board.
  4. If you like your indie rock sweet and sophisticated with undertones of despair, you'll want to cuddle up with Universal Audio.
  5. Other than the minor quibble that there's not as many immediately bracing hooks as on past efforts, Universal Audio has very little to apologize for.
  6. What remains is pure, unspoilt guitar-pop genius that demands to be marvelled at. [18 Sep 2004, p.65]
  7. Melodies are practically nonexistent, leaving the music almost completely ignorable.

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