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  • Summary: This is the debut album for the rock quartet from Nebraska.
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  1. Like a prestigious college, this band may receive more attention than it really deserves, but these art-punks truly have a lot going for them. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for anything this different.
  2. UUVVWWZ is undoubtedly promising, in the sense that the band have done the difficult part already, namely finding a signature sound. Now they just need to come up with the songs to match the distinctiveness of their instrumentation and that incredible name.
  3. While many of the group's songs aren't quite as unusual as that string of letters seems (most of them do, in fact, incorporate choruses), the group steers pretty far from the norm on their self-titled record.
  4. There are plenty of signs that UUVVWWZ are on track to become a better band, but "Castle" is the song that will make you impatient for them to hurry up and get to their next level right away.
  5. More than anything, UUVVWWZ is a bad name because it is so disappointing--such an audacious appellation has no business belonging to generally derivative musicians who only occasionally reach their artistic potential.