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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 9
  2. Negative: 0 out of 9
  1. 80
    An existentialist’s song cycle, Vacilando's grim, lonely songs reinforce each other with an impeccable internal logic, fashioning its own little world-weary universe, wherein less is more, simple guitar strums signal seismic shifts in mood, shadows bump into one another.
  2. Q Magazine
    His first proper UK release is a treat, at times conjuring the beautiful, stark bleakness of Nick Drake, elsewhere not afraid to crank things up. [Feb 2009, p.119]
  3. Neil Young set the template, but Tillman puts his stamp on every note, wringing bare-bones poetry from evocative couplets.
  4. 70
    The dusty, reverent feel of even the album's wildest rockers gives the sense that he's just a lone wanderer battling solitude with sound.
  5. There is much to admire in Tillman's fifth album.
  6. Much like Fleet Foxes, the music contained within isn't particularly ground breaking, but what is done is done well.
  7. This certainly isn't an essential album by any means, and perhaps a retrospective of Tillman's previous five albums and EPs might have been a better introduction.
  8. Mojo
    The dejected vocals and mesmerising mood of the music are in place, making this an album for long lonely winter nights. [Feb 2009, p.115]
  9. This latest ventures a hesitant step towards his new band’s gorgeous harmony. It’s only a glimpse--most of the time, J. Tillman is trafficking in skeletal, fractured interpretations of traditional American songforms--blues in particular.

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