Valleyheart - She Wants Revenge
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  1. Aug 23, 2011
    Valleyheart starts off really strong with it's Smiths-like soaring dreamy guitars and creepy feel that She Wants Revenge is known for. Unfortunately the album as a whole doesn't feel as solid as their past works. I respect that they tried something different with the upbeat songs (Kiss Me, Not Just A Girl and Must Be the One) but I don't think they pulled it off as well as they could've. Those songs ended up sounding uncomfortable and in a way kind of stale. Quirky or happy post-punk can sound great when done right and if She Wants Revenge keeps trying I'm sure they'll succeed. When they flirt with their mopey post-punk sound (borderline goth) they really shine like on Reasons or Suck It Up. In the end the album was just too much of a mess. Two separate EP's would've probably been more successful musically. Expand

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