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  • Summary: The covers album for the alt-rock band features Liv Tyler and Kate Moss as guest singers.

Top Track

I Just Can t Take It Anymore
I've been thinkin' back on it, babe I guess it's been useless after all I'm tired of seein' all the days goin' by Tearin' the numbers off my... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. With a little luck, this collection of mostly obscure covers could, on a smaller scale, do for Dando what the Rick Rubin-helmed American Recordings did for Johnny Cash.
  2. Whether tackling Broadway showtunes or John Prine, or Simon and Garfunkel, the laconic alt-rocker nimbly transforms songs until they sound like they could be his own. That pixie dust extends to Varshons.
  3. Dando’s at it again, with a whole album full of mix-and-match covers which comfortably sit just on the right side of bizarre.
  4. Overall, there is sufficient sun-kissed pleasure on Varshons to extend the patience of Evan Dando-devotees a little bit longer but not enough to surpass past makeover masterstrokes.
  5. 60
    At best, Varshons is a joy forever. Even at worst, it’s a forgiveable, even likeable, labour of love.
  6. Dando fucks Varshons up just enough to stop it being an actively great covers record--in recent terms The Condo Fucks’ mighty "Fuckbook" stomps over it--but not enough to detract from the truth that the thread drawing the successful songs together is the still-beating talent of Evan Dando, non-dickhead version.
  7. This is the real key to understanding Varshon: it can’t be a truly cynical attempt to recapture former glory because it’s too half-assed.

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