• Record Label: Merge
  • Release Date: Feb 21, 2012
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Summary: This is the remastered release of the second album from the North Carolina indie rock band, who reunited in 2011.
Record Label: Merge
Credit: Group Member, Group Member, Group Member, Primary Artist, Producer, Group Member, Producer,
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Track Listings

1-01 Step into the Light 2-03 Don't Believe the Good News
1-02 Harnessed in Slums 2-04 Smoking Pot in the Hot City
1-03 Nevermind the Enemy 2-05 Mutes in the Steeple
1-04 Greatest of All Time 2-06 Mark Price P.I.
1-05 Underdogs of Nipomo 2-07 Bacteria
1-06 Floating Friends 2-08 Equinox
1-07 1985 2-09 (Big Joe And) Phantom 309
1-08 Fabricoh 2-10 1985 [Marathon Boombox Demo]
1-09 Nostalgia 2-11 Fabricoh [Marathon Boombox Demo]
1-10 Let the Loser Melt 2-12 Nostalgia [Marathon Boombox Demo]
1-11 Death in the Park 2-13 Let the Loser Melt [Vee Vee 4-Track Demo]
1-12 The Worst Has Yet to Come 2-14 Underdogs of Nipomo [Vee Vee 4-Track Demo]
1-13 Underachievers March and Fight Song 2-15 Nevermind the Enemy [Vee Vee 4-Track Demo]
2-01 Harnessed in Slums '95 [Bob Weston Radio Mix, 1995] 2-16 Don't Believe the Good News [Vee Vee 4-Track Demo]
2-02 Telepathic Traffic