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  • Summary: One of the first Next Big Things of 2002, Sweden's The Hives follow last year's media darlings The Strokes and The White Stripes in bringing the rock back to alternative rock. The only catch is that the band has been around for over a decade, with this particular album actually dating back to 2000, when it gained a limited U.S. release on a tiny Epitaph imprint. However, the Swedes were able to benefit from the rush to capitalize on the neo-garage/punk-rock movement by scoring a major label deal in early 2002 and a rerelease of this, their second full-length. (They've got The Strokes beat on length, though, managing to release an even shorter album, at just 27 minutes.) Expand
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  1. The Hives explode where a hundred other punk bands are proud to rock.
  2. Veni Vidi Vicious literally explodes with frenetic guitar jangle and audacious hooks.
  3. Plenty of fuzzed, struttin', propulsive guitar work on this disc to assault your ears.
  4. While brevity alone isn't automatically a virtue, the songs here contain enough ample surprises, and hidden rewards, that there's nothing lacking even as the Hives smartly employ the logic of "always leave them wanting more."
  5. 80
    The Hives seem to have approached Vicious with one aim in mind: to rock – hard -- for 27 minutes straight. Even more impressively, they actually pull it off.
  6. Those dependable fuzz tones never get tired, so long as they're accompanied by a propulsive backbeat, maximum adrenaline and a modicum of melody, and Sweden's Hives have all of that.
  7. The Hives' brand of neo-garage leans heavy on punk and lacks nuance, but the unification of speed, volume, and shake generates a scalding steam.

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  1. Jun 12, 2012
    ...It's over already?!? Maybe the main reaction of everyone who listen to this euphoric album. Maybe The Hives best album, it have less than 30 minutes (12 songs), 11 fast and powerful songs ("Find Another Girl" looks ironic, it's such a quiet song!), crazy lyrics sang by a crazy singer and fast guitar riffs. This album is ready to explode your sound system! Expand
  2. Apr 25, 2012
    This album is a fun throwback to the great garage rock bands of the sixties. It explodes with energy, especially on standout tracks like "Hate to Say I Told You So", "Main Offender", and "Outsmarted". Expand

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