VYP: Voice of the Young People

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  • Summary: The debut album includes Hot 100 single "Lip Gloss" released last year, as well as the Avril Lavigne remix of "Girlfriend."

Top Track

Shawty Get Loose
Greatness + Greatness = Great Greatness Hey, Hey, Hey The way we get loose We move our shoulders Forward Heads back Get it in control Like Janet... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. Sure, Voice of the Young People can suffer from overblown production, as on the nursery-rhyming ''G-Slide (Tour Bus).'' But kids will dig smart, quick cuts like the Southern-fried snap of ''Shawty Get Loose,'' featuring Chris Brown, who adds the ''special'' to Mama's sauce.
  2. Such is the catchiness of this generally lovable record that it's easy to miss the bleak thrust of her lyrics.
  3. Lil Mama shows off some impressive verbal firepower here, like when she challenges her skeptics over a booming trash-can beat in 'One Hit Wonder.'
  4. The fact that she is still a teenager makes it all the more impressive, and I for one hope to hear more from her in the future. For now, VYP is a solid debut that covers a broad range of styles, and it deserves to catch notice beyond the many radio spins it is sure to garner
  5. Not a bad debut, finally, but someone should tell her that speaking for the young people doesn't mean merely becoming Shanice with attitude.
  6. You could equally say the album was allowed to peak too soon, but either way let it take nothing from the fact that this is a refreshing and extremely promising debut effort.
  7. 40
    Though there’s slick, occasionally dynamite production from the likes of the Runners and Scott Storch, the lyrics rarely rise above defensive boasting (“One Hit Wonder”), frigid sex raps (“What It Is [Strike a Pose]”) and rote autobiography (“College”).

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