• Record Label: Nonesuch
  • Release Date: Feb 5, 2008

Generally favorable reviews - based on 15 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 15
  2. Negative: 0 out of 15
  1. Q Magazine
    The self-produced Watershed is the best thing she's done since 1992's "Ingenue." [Feb 2008, p.96]
  2. The frame of reference effortlessly spans country, bossa nova and a few different shades of vintage pop, with only one distracting allusion (the late-era Beatles crescendo that swells up within “Close Your Eyes”).
  3. The mellifluous melodies and tasteful instrumentation fall in line with the adult-contemporary pop of previous albums such as "Ingenue" and "Invincible Summer."
  4. Lang gently pulls you into the quieter moments of domesticity on songs like 'Coming Home' and 'Sunday,' but her curled-lip drawl on Jealous Dog shows she can still surprise.
  5. Watershed marks the welcome return of one of popular music’s most beloved stylists.
  6. Watershed has an intimate feel and a sophisticated sound that highlights the warmth in Lang’s voice, the maturity of her songwriting and the simple beauty of her arrangements.
  7. The collection's mood is occasionally bleak and her penchant for amusing vivacity never rears its head, but the soothing comportment of her introspection makes for pleasant listening in even the darkest of corners.
  8. Uncut
    Watershed feels like a declaration of independence. [Feb 2008, p.87]
  9. With Watershed, k.d. lang does what the gifted and the lucky always should: improve as time passes.
  10. Watershed, k.d. lang's new torch-and-twang exploration, will hover delicately in the background of many a coffee shop, but it does little to elevate itself to a more conscious musical experience.
  11. Many of her fans will no doubt be delighted with this artful yet accessible return, and hopefully, those who embraced the younger, wackier, campy aspect of lang's persona will allow for the fact that there isn't anything close to that here.
  12. Heartbroken or not, she’s conceived her finest work in years with Watershed--an album that rewards with every soothing listen.
  13. The lack of sticky material that has beset each of her albums since 1992’s "Ingénue" continues with the self-written, self-produced Watershed, preventing it from rising above the level of tasteful mood music.
  14. KD's first album of new material in eight years doesn't disappoint.
  15. Mojo
    Deceptively simple, Watershed highlights what Lang does best--fulsome ballads sung with precision timing, intelligence and a humourous twist. [Jan 2008, p.100]

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