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  1. Maybe it is a recycled sound, obvious in its allegiance to Y and the No Wave, but Mi Ami is compelling, nonetheless.
  2. It’s art school punk that you can dance to, which automatically makes Mi Ami more fun than most of their peers.
  3. 80
    Watersports sets itself up nicely for some critical acclaim, and its multi-genre versatility will make it easy for people of all musical tastes to find something to enjoy.
  4. The unifying factor is Mi Ami’s live vibrancy. Except for the overdubbed vocals, almost the entirety of Watersports was performed live in the studio, allowing the three musicians to explore texture and space, collapsing their influences into a gripping dialogue on the darker side of human experience that we so often ignore.
  5. I’m finding these chocolate bar grooves and dark, open spaces in Watersports a pretty nice place to be, and if the guys in Mi Ami have mellowed a bit with age, they haven’t gotten any less interesting or vital, still embroiled with the spirit and verve that supposedly ended at the Black Cat not all that long ago.
  6. Best summed up as a deranged Mardi Gras (the cover art is perfect), it's a strange little album, and surprising that something so alienating and overwhelming could also be so utterly listenable.
  7. The result is a wild and unpredictable album, Watersports, which navigates styles and time-periods like a patient veering in and out of consciousness.
  8. Their new project has much of the same visceral energy of their old gig, but Mi Ami present it in a much more harmonious, affirming manner.
  9. Taking cues from ’60s free jazz, dub and disco and combining it with the punk-rock sensibilities of their former outfit, Watersports is a delirious fever-dream of an album.
  10. If Watersports paced itself, if it weren’t afraid to be shorter, if it understood the power of precision, it could have been more awe-inspiring.
  11. Under The Radar
    High-pitched vocals and crazy rhythms are in store for those adventurous enough to dive in. [Winter 2009, p.78]
  12. Unfortunately, such small moments of inspiration are only peppered throughout, and they're not enough to make up for an entire album of ramblings.
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  1. RobS
    Apr 7, 2009
    Tropical Black Eyes. Beautiful