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  • Summary: This is the third mix album for the British DJ/producer, who has also remixed tracks for such artists as The Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp, and Ladytron.
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  1. He now presents his third compilation which, as such compilations should, demonstrates to the world that he is a man of excellent taste.
  2. While Pearson would likely be flattered to be told that this disc resembles a hybrid of Michael Mayer's Immer (stern, dramatic; Joy Division) and Triple R's Friends (comparatively brighter and outgoing; New Order), he might also find the description a little limiting. Yet this disc does have each one of its elder siblings’ charms: a gentle buildup and easy finish, extended trance-like passages, spongy rhythms, seemingly incongruent tracks melded with ease and restraint, almost subliminally tense transitions from menace to bliss, and even some whispered vocals.
  3. None of the tracks leap out on first listen as obvious show-stoppers, but Pearson's nonetheless collected the most rhythmically diverse selection of tracks to appear on a Kompakt-branded mix in quite some time.
  4. It’s a decent snapshot of that nebulous minimal-not-minimal sound at present.
  5. It’s stale, predictable, and pedestrian in its fussy perfection.