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  • Summary: The Danish quintet's third album was produced by Fridolin.
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  1. Yet despite the melancholy mood, We’re On Your Side is far from depressing. Slaraffenland possess a wistfully melodic knack akin to The Beach Boys if they’d never managed to get off the Sloop John B, and there is much to admire in the multi-faceted arrangements.
  2. Mojo
    Slaraffenland are a complete surprise. Unfettered yet poptuneful, they harmonize constantly--with a melodic cool, more churchy than surfy--but plough those vocal lines into dense, dynamic texture with fierce drums marching as to war. [Jun 2010, p.103]
  3. It's experimental music, to be sure, but it doesn't conflate experimentation with alienation.
  4. It will not blow you away and, though well balanced, it's not a 'dipper' in that proceedings are constant and hand-picking the best selections does a disservice to the remainder, which complete a strong but not astounding record.
  5. All this variety and uncertainty does become a little wearing in places, and the vocals in particular often fail to live up to the music that accompanies them.
  6. Even though the tempo rarely climbs above a midtempo churn, there's a definite shape to each track, with the swirling, atmospheric arrangements recalling Sigur Ros. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's hard not to wish that Slaraffenland showed greater focus and ambition.
  7. It'll doubtless put some smiles on some faces as it goes, but it neither reaches for more nor tries to be anything less. Perhaps it is enough, but does it have to be?

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