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  • Summary: This is the second solo album for the former Verbena lead singer.
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  1. Most of the songs light up, shine for a while, and pull back so suddenly that you feel a little betrayed. It's a shame these dry lullabies didn't surface earlier in our dreary summer.
  2. When The Devil’s Loose showcases a resolve and relief Bondy’s never evinced before, as if he’s raked his hand through the sands of these spooky songs and transformed the grains that stuck into flawed, captivating pearls.
  3. A tightly constructed record, its hushed instrumentation and Southern Gothic lyrics give it a melancholic mood, one that Bondy handles beautifully. [Dec 2009, p. 117]
  4. Bondy’s latest effort still proves a solid and thoughtful experience for aesthetic wanderers the world throughout.
  5. The new album boasts a full band and an open, almost cavernous feel, which still manages to exude warmth. [Fall 2009, p.75]
  6. When the Devil's Loose might share some reference points with another singer/songwriter with a similar offhand affection for roots music, but A.A. Bondy seems to be developing a voice of his own despite all the surface similarities, and the result is a quietly powerful album of songs that cut deeper into the heart and soul than you might expect at first glance.
  7. A sense of stylistic familiarity does rather rule out any real "wow" factor, but its simple charms sink in over repeated listens, and firm fans of this whole backwoods-troubadour thing should find plenty to admire here.

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